Programmable Solutions

Programmable Solutions provide a flexible and efficient way to manage and utilize software functionalities based on specific needs. They play a crucial role in today’s digital world where customization and efficiency are highly valued.

Custom programming, service-oriented programming, microservices

Custom programming

These include various languages like C#, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, Python, Powershell, Java, VBA, TCL and development frameworks like JQuery, Boostrap, Xamarin Android app development.

Service-oriented programming

This is a programming paradigm that uses “solution” as the unit of computer work, to design and implement integrated business applications and mission-critical software programs.


Its an architectural style that develops a single application as a set of small solutions. Each solution runs in its own process and communicates with clients, using lightweight protocols, often over messaging or HTTP.

How to get Programmable Solutions

Connect to us

Reach out to our representative through the "Connect to us" button below and we will get back to you via email or call.

Programmable Account

Eliam provides APIs. To integrate these solutions, you need to develop a USSD application using API Reference, host your application, and then add your service to your programmable account.

Programmable Search Engine

We offer a Programmable Search Engine that allows you to create a search engine for your website, blog, or a collection of websites.