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Software solutions for Small to Medium-sized Enterprise that can boost your business productivity

Android App

Make your business available to mobile users with android app. With a mobile presence you can even get closer to your customers. We make the finest android apps using the latest design concepts and up-to-date codes for better efficiency.

Web App

Get a rich responsive website suitable for mobile users designed by professionals with more than five years of experience. We also build a sustainable web application for Small to Medium-sized Enterprise and large companies.

Standalone App

Improve the integrity and credibility of your work output. Administrative duties have gotten easier for our customers who requested for Standalone desktop application for their businesses. Get your office work automated today.

Popular to customers



SWAV is designed for SMEs and large organizations for Keeping track of assets, liabilities, income, expense etc. SWAV also has the ability to generate balance sheet.



E-Transcript is an educational transcript system customizable to any institution. It is simple and easy to use suitable for generating student transcripts.

SME Ultra Pack

Kick start the business of your dreams with SME Ultra Pack and jump ahead of your competitors using this amazing package recommended by other SMEs.


You want to buy a computer but not sure of the right one suitable for your workload and at the same time cost effective? Let us help you make the right choice.

SEO Ultra

This is the right SEO plan just for your business. With SEO ultra, we focus on the most basic thing for your business which is to become visible to search engines. Search engines has evolved over the years and has affected the way our websites appear on some searches. One key thing to look out for is to make sure your website is mobile friendly which means it has to look good on mobile, tablets, and on desktops before carrying out our SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization